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Cobee Bryant📣 Texts from Patrick Mahomes, Goals for Next Year, Rock Star Style and More

The Hawk Mamba answers your questions 🔥

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Cobee Bryant Answers Your Questions 🔥

Note: Thank you for sending in so many questions. We got through as many as possible (and I thought it was best to avoid questions about staffing changes). I hope to keep bringing you exclusive Q&A opportunities with KU athletes through NIL like this. Please consider upgrading to VIP to support these efforts.

Cobee seems to really care about growing his brand and letting people know who he is off the field. I think it’s so important for KU Athletes to continue doing this. It’ll help them throughout their careers (pro or otherwise). I also think KU fans should support these efforts, and I know we can help Bryant reach his goal of 10K YouTube subscribers.

Subscribe to his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@CobeeBryant

Enjoy the Q&A.

Q: Cobee, why is the YouTube channel important to you and what are you trying to do with it? -Matt S

Cobee: My YouTube channel is important, I want to show my personality. It’s gonna help me talk to people more and showcase what I do outside of football… Everybody says I’m the funniest dude on the team.

As a kid, I always wanted to be a YouTuber also. I don’t want to just be known as a football player. I want to build it up, and it’s going pretty fast. In high school I was very funny. I always got class clown.

I like to make people smile.

A lot of kids look up to me. I want to show kids they can be anything they want. Just show the people who you really are and be comfortable with it.

Q: What kind of videos are we gonna see on your YouTube in the future? - Chase W

Cobee: My goal and my plan is to hit 10K subscribers by March. I’m 4,000 away. I’m gonna start doing pranks. Show me off the field, going to tutoring, hanging with my friends, goin to eat.. show the people what I’m doing.

In High School everybody was like, ‘As soon as you get a YouTube you’re account is gonna blow up fast,’ and that’s what it’s doing. It’s going pretty fast. It’s crazy.

Q: What would a Cobee Bryant 30 for 30 documentary be about? - Jamie G

Cobee: That’s what I was gonna do, like after I get famous or go to the NFL. I wanna do a Cobee documentary. There are crazy stories that people don’t know. It’s gonna shock the world, because nobody would believe who I am right now and who I was back then. This might be one of the craziest stories ever.

I’ll give you a teaser… just where I’m from. Where I lived at. It’s just crazy.

How important is NIL in college football right now? -Mike V

Cobee: I’m getting crazy NIL deals right now, but I really don’t trip about it. Some players could let it get to their head.

Still, it’s really important because football players work so hard. Like people don’t understand. We deserve more than we used to get back then. It’s come a very long way.

It’s just a blessing. A blessing to God.

What’s your favorite touchdown celebration after a pick-6. -Brett M

Cobee: One of my favorites was the West Virginia game in overtime when I caught the interception. I kinda looked at the cheerleaders, the crowd, and said “shhh.” It was a thriller. Everybody was just shocked. I just started shushing the crowd.

I’ve got a crazy celebration when I get a pick 6 this year.

What are your feelings on playing in Arrowhead Stadium next year? -Brandon B

What are the team vibes with the construction going on?-Jack C

Cobee: That’s gonna be crazy, I ain’t gonna lie.

I’m cool with Kadarius Toney, he’s my boy. I was cool with JuJu (Smith Schuster). I’m cool with John Ross and Pacheco. I’m cool with a lot of Chiefs players.

After the Cincinnati game when I caught the interception, Patrick Mahomes hit my phone up. I was shocked myself. I showed everybody. It was crazy. I was like, ‘Wow, this is crazy.’

After the game, everybody was texting my phone. It was crazy.

What does a message from Mahomes look like? - Scoopmeister

Cobee: I was shocked. When I looked at my phone and saw, ’Hey this is Patrick Mahomes and this isn’t a fake account.’' He said, ‘Man you’re gonna be a steal in the draft. I’d be glad to have you on the Chiefs.’

Cobee, do you have a favorite late night food spot in Lawrence? -Marcus T

Cobee: Rusty Taco

What’s your favorite restaurant in Lawrence? -Colter W

Cobee: Kobe Steakhouse

If you could add one thing to the new stadium complex (money is not a consideration and it could be anything), what would you add?  -Carly S

Cobee: The Bowl Game trophy. I want it to have a case with a picture of us winning. It had been a minute since we won a bowl game. To have that in the stadium is crazy.

What’s one translatable NFL skill you want to show scouts that you may not have been able to showcase yet? -Kevin P

Cobee: The biggest thing coming last season was showing that I can tackle. I’d say, getting off blocks more. Everything would be complete, because everyone knows I can tackle now. I’m a ball hawk. I’m good man press, I’m good off ball. Only thing I need left in my bag is getting off blocks.

That was a good question.

Is there anyone you try to model your game after? -Jared C

Cobee: Jalen Ramsey. I always used to watch Ramsey highlights. I talk a lot of trash in the game, just trying to make my game similar to Jalen Ramsey.

Some athletes have pregame rituals they swear by, like always wearing the same underwear or tying their shoelaces a certain way on gameday. Do you have any pregame rituals? - Nick H

Cobee: I wear a lot of beanies. I try to wear a different one every game. I try to change my style up.

My style is like a rock star. I like my pants tight. All my shoes have to be clean. I don’t want anything big on me. I like everything tight.

Who is your best non-KU football athlete friend at KU? -CJ J

Cobee: I’m tight with Kevin McCullar. I’m cool with Dajuan Harris, we’re pretty close friends. I’m cool with Hunter Dickinson, too.

What’s something you haven’t accomplished at KU yet (other than Big 12 Champs) that is a main motivator for coming back this season? Can be a personal or team goal. - Darrick B

Cobee: Jim Thorpe Award (for top DB in the country). I’m after the Jim Thorpe. I’ve got two goals on my list that I still haven’t accomplished…

I’ve got notes since my freshman year with what I wanted to do. They were was All-Big 12 Conference, First Team All-American, Jim Thorpe. Those are my three main goals. I already checked conference off.

I’m after Jim Thorpe and First Team-All-American.

Hawkmamba, do you help recruit HS kids? What’s your pitch to the about KU? -Parker T

Cobee: We’re changing the culture here. Everybody can see now. I think we woke the country up. Everybody knows when we play y’all, you might be in danger.

Thanks to Cobee for taking the time to make this happen. Let’s show him support by subscribing to his channel!

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What Bill Self Said after the WVU Loss 😬

Watch Bill’s postgame presser below! He clearly wasn’t thrilled with KU’s defense after that one.

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