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One Stat Shows a Lot About KU’s Issues

This is a follow-up from Tuesday’s newsletter after the KState loss. I said there’d be more to come on KU scoring zero points in the last four seconds of the shot clock. Unfortunately, this is more of a trend than an aberration.

The Jayhawks have been one the worst teams in the country in the last four seconds of the shot clock this year. In fact, this is KU’s worst offensive team late in the clock since at least 2008-09 when Synergy started keeping track of the stat.

While it’s not the biggest problem (5.9% of KU’s possessions qualify), I think it’s indicative of KU’s struggles at large… especially late in games when things tend to slow down.

The numbers (via Synergy):

  • Kansas has scored 48 points in 86 possessions that qualify. It ranks No. 343 in the country in points per possession, the worst Power-Five mark in college hoops.

  • The Jayhawks haven’t scored a ‘short shot clock’ point in their last three games. They’ve taken 14 qualifying shots.

    • KU has made more than one qualifying field goal in just one Big 12 game this year.

      • The Jayhawks shot 5/8 in the loss to UCF, oddly enough.

      • In all other Big 12 games, they’re 3-for-33 from the floor.

  • Hunter Dickinson, Kevin McCullar, and Dajuan Harris unsurprisingly shoot most of these ‘short clock’ looks.

    • McCullar has been KU’s most efficient player, averaging .83 points per possession.

  • It’s not all bad news. The 2019-2020 KU team is the second-worst ‘short clock’ offensive team in the Bill Self era, and they were pretty damn good. The difference, however, is in the defense.

    • The 2019-20 Jayhawks graded out as an ‘excellent’ defensive team in the same situations.

    • This year’s team is decent defensively but still a good bit worse than the 2020 KU team. You can’t struggle like this on both sides.

  • There’s a good chunk of bad luck to this as well. KU is an elite post-scoring team. But late in the clock, it’s shooting 27% from the field down low. I’d think this gets better if KU keeps going inside late in the clock.

    • The Jayhawks shoot 17% from the field on ‘short clock’ jumpers. While that’s still oddly low, I don’t know if this team will get much better there.

KU’s short-clock struggles represent this team’s issues when asked to improvise. It’s one of the most efficient teams in the country in the post, in transition, and scoring off cuts.

To make a Tournament run, it’ll have to get better when its first and second options don’t work. The 2022 Jayhawks graded out as a ‘good short clock’ team during its National Championship stretch. UConn was ‘excellent’ in its title run last year.

KU doesn’t need to be great moving forward. Average is OK in this category. But the Jayhawks are far from that right now, and they’ll keep floundering late in games as pace slows if they don’t improve.

I’ll keep you posted as the games go on.

NIL Survey Results!

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey after last week’s NIL email. And an extra thank you to everyone who donated. We’ve raised $35,807 so far! I hope this shows how all of your donations add up.

The survey results show that we fans have struggled to understand exactly how we can help KU’s product on the field.

You can contribute here.

Question 1: How much do you feel like your NIL donations could/would/have made a difference? 

Question 2: Do you feel like you can donate enough to make a difference for KU? 

Take: KU fans underestimate the impact of their donations

Question 3: How much do you think donating $100 makes a difference for KU?

We’re undervaluing small, recurring donations, too

Question 4: How much do you think donating $1,000 makes a difference for KU? 

Question 5: How important do you think your NIL donation would be to improving the product on the field?

Question 6: How much did the newsletter help your understanding of how and why to get involved with NIL?

Rock Chalk, friends

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  • Speaking of NIL, Mass St Collective announced some changes and is bringing in former KU football player Keon Stowers as its Executive Director.

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