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  • "He loves to compete" Australian Scout on Johnny Furphy 🇦🇺

"He loves to compete" Australian Scout on Johnny Furphy 🇦🇺

A unique perspective on what the newest Jayhawk is bringing to Lawrence

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Australian Scout Gives the Furphy Scoop

I’m thrilled to bring you this Q&A from Australian basketball scout Michael Houben about Johnny Furphy’s game. Houben works for Airtime Scouting and has been following Furphy closely for the last two years.

There’s not many people out there with a better understanding of the latest Jayhawk. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Has Johnny always been a top prospect, or has this been a rapid development?

Furphy’s reputation has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 12 months. Sans an appearance in 2017 at the U14 level, Furphy was only chosen to represent his state of Victoria in an Australian Junior Championships for the first time in 2022. Growing into his body really helped everything come together for the young wing.

Q: So were you surprised at all to see him break out like that at the Academy Games?

Having followed Furphy’s performances across a variety of events within Australia and overseas over the last couple of years, he definitely was capable of this type of performance. Just this February, Furphy was named to the National Prep School Invitational All-Tournament team after playing in Rhode Island, and back home showed flashes of major potential across his performances in the NBL1 competition.

Q: What should KU fans know about Johnny? What kind of player is he and what kind of person is he?

Furphy competes with a high motor and emanates confidence out on the floor. It’s not often you find athletes with his level of size, length and explosiveness coming out of Australia, and he utilizes this on both ends of the floor, making plays defensively, crashing the glass and finishing above the rim in transition. His skill-set is built to complement other talent at a high level of competition, with his ability to shoot both off the catch and coming off screens, attack closeouts and run the lanes in transition.

Q: What was your reaction when you first heard about KU and Johnny getting serious?

It’s always massively encouraging to see Australian players receive interest at the high major level from schools with significant reputations like KU. It’s not until players in the Australian region are given a platform such as the Academy Games that their recruitment really kicks off, so it’s extremely gratifying to see a player like Furphy who has worked and developed in the way that he has to be rewarded with such promising options on the table.

Q: Do you have any concerns about him transitioning to high-level college basketball?

The transition to college is never an easy one, no less at a level like KU, and the challenge is always compounded when factoring in the transition settling in and adapting to a new country and environment. With that being said, Furphy’s time at the Centre of Excellence in Canberra will have prepared him exceptionally for the next step in his career, and have an exceptional track record instilling players with the habits both on and off the court to assimilate quickly to the college game.

1: What do you think he needs to improve the most?

Building on his strength over time will be a major factor in Furphy’s ability to compete with college basketball’s best athletes, both containing them defensively and helping convert on his drives. He’ll also need to prove his consistency shooting the ball at an elite level, as this is a pivotal component to his allure as a complementary offensive weapon both to space the floor and open up driving opportunities.

Q: You mention defense.. Bill Self demands a high motor, especially on defense. Does that fit his game from what you’ve seen?

Furphy is definitely a two-way player that has shown the potential to play with a high level of disruption on the defensive end. He loves to compete and utilizes his length and instincts to make plays on the defensive side of the floor. The tools are certainly there for him to turn in to a high level wing defender for the team.

Q: What kind of roster makeup best fits his game?

Furphy is best playing alongside elite advantage creators and facilitators on the perimeter, where he can play off other’s, enhance their ability to excel and focus in on being the best two-way wing he can be.

Scoopmeister’s note: That’s exactly what KU can offer with Dajuan Harris, Aterio Morris, and Elmarko Jackson. This is gonna be fun…

You can follow Michael on Twitter here.

Links to Watch KU in Puerto Rico Today 😁

The good news continues! We get to watch Kansas play basketball today.

The Jayhawks play their first of three exhibition games in Puerto Rico at 11am CT on Thursday. Here are the links to watch:

  1. KUAthletics.com

  2. KU Athletics’ Official Facebook Page

Yup, This is Scoopsmafia 😂

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