Three Portal Names to Watch for KU 👀

We've only just begun 😏

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We’ve Only Just Begun 😏

A lot of you are waiting for Kansas to make a move in the transfer portal. I think the Jayhawks will start making a little noise within the week.

But the big moves haven’t come yet.. and the Portal is gonna see more and more big names dive in. 👀👀

Kansas currently has two open roster spots. I expect them to end up with ~five scholarships, give or take. My best guess is that three players will transfer out the program.

  • I shared my thoughts on who stays and who goes in Sunday’s VIP newsletter, which I’d highly recommend reading.

I’ve Heard the Jayhawks are targeting three traits: Shooting, scoring, and athleticism.

The list below consists of players to watch. It is predictions of any kind. Remember, the roster of Portal players is definitely going to grow. This list will change in turn.

Three Players to Watch for KU

Kobe Johnson | USC Transfer | 6’6” Wing

  • I shared Johnson’s name in the VIP update on Sunday.

  • Johnson is a veteran 6'6" guard transferring out of USC. He's from Milwaukee and is coming off two straight Pac-12 All-Defensive Team seasons.

  • He fits the profile well for KU, and could fill a Kevin McCullar-type of role. He’s a player to watch closely.

  • You can check out his highlights here.

Zeke Mayo | South Dakota St Transfer | 6’4” Guard

  • The sharp-shooting Lawrence star has entered the transfer portal. He averaged 18+ points per game the last two seasons at South Dakota St.

    • On paper, this looks a great fit for both parties. Mayo knows what Bill Self asks of his players, so this would be as informed a decision as you can make in the Portal Era.

  • I’ve been skeptical of this being a fit in the past. Mayo took a ton of shots at South Dakota St. That won’t happen at KU. Mayo’s name was popular last offseason, but he didn’t take the jump.

  • I’m Hearing things may be different this time around. I’m not sure how it plays out, but I’m view Mayo as a serious option. You can watch his highlights here.

  • Mayo’s dad retweeted the picture below of Zeke and Devin Neal together at Allen Fieldhouse with Andrew Wiggins. How cool is that?

Colby Rogers | Wichita St Transfer | 6’4” guard

  • Rogers averaged 16.4 points for Wichita State this season.

  • He's the kind of shot-creating guard and secondary ball handler the Jayhawks are looking for. They needed this kind of player last year.

  • I think KU’s interested in Rogers, and I’m watching for a visit here.

    • I’m not sure it makes sense for both Rogers and Mayo to transfer to KU. They both fill the same kind of role.

    • Rogers plays in a significantly better conference than Mayo. His numbers hold some weight here.

  • You can watch his highlights here.

Who do YOU want most?

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Check Out The Could Be Wrong Podcast

We went deep on KU’s offseason and discussed the existential questions that Bill Self and the Jayhawks are facing in the transfer portal era.

The feedback on this episode has been great. I think you’re gonna like it.

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