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What KU Hopes to Avoid on Selection Sunday

I went to work after reading your answers from Friday. Thank you for providing your feedback and input! The more we can do together, the better.

The following is based on conversations with people I trust and an extensive analysis of four analytics websites (, Kenpom, Synergy, BartTorvik).

KU wants to avoid teams with the following characteristics:

  • Athleticism

    • This is the No. 1 type of team the Jayhawks wants to avoid in their bracket. More athletic teams will steal extra possessions, wear out a thin KU rotation, and create extra stress on both ends of the court.

    • Two clear examples are Auburn and Texas A&M.

    • (Zone may be a good answer for KU here).

      • Note: Avoiding athleticism has been a consistent theme since KU’s 2019 Tournament loss to Auburn. 🤔

  • Elite offensive efficiency (compared to defense)

    • KU’s struggles have been more evident vs. elite offensive teams compared to top defensive opponents.

      • The Jayhawks can get stretched on the perimeter defensively, as we’ve seen teams light KU up from three. The Jayhawks can’t keep up, as they’re the No. 210 three-point shooting team in the country.

  • Offensive Rebounding

    • This ties into athleticism, but it’s worth an individual callout. The Jayhawks are No. 291 in the country at offensive rebounding. KU facing a good offensive rebounding team while struggling to create extra looks for itself is a bad recipe.

  • High-Pressure Defenses

    • Outside of the Houston win at home, KU has struggled against teams that put pressure on the ball. Four of its 10 losses came against teams in the top 35 in forcing turnovers.

  • High 3-point attempts

    • I don’t care even what the data says. For all of our well-being, I don’t want to see KU matched up with a team that lets it fly from deep.

Here are the teams that fit those characteristics. I’ll focus on opponents KU is more likely to face if it lands as a four-seed.

First-Round Teams to Avoid:

  1. McNeese St: Most bracket projections have McNeese as a 12-seed, which wouldn’t be a first-round matchup for KU. But just in case… its three-point shooting ability and high-pressure defense have all the makings for a miserable opponent. This would be a bad draw for KU.

  2. Charleston: Another strong offensive team that shoots a ton of threes. The Cougars are also a quality offensive-rebounding team, which you don’t want to see in round one.

  3. Samford: The Bulldogs play ultra-fast and rank top 10 in both three-point shooting percentage and steal percentage. None of that sounds fun.

(Note: Grand Canyon would also suck, but its expected to be a higher seed. And one source I spoke to flagged Vermont as a potential trouble maker as well.)

Second-Round Teams to Avoid:

  1. Alabama: The Tide is likely to land on the four-seed line with KU, so this shouldn’t happen… but just in case… we don’t want to see KU play an offense this good in the second round.

  2. Florida: The Gators are the country’s No. 6 offensive rebounding team. They play fast, run efficient offense, and create extra possessions. The check the boxes as a potential trouble maker for KU.

  3. San Diego State: A balanced and experienced team, SDSU is one of the few matchups that can pose issues for KU on both offense and defense. It’s not the worst matchup on paper, but the Aztecs do a lot of things well, which is worth calling out. I could still live with this one.

Top Seeds to Avoid:

UCONN, Houston, Purdue: Probably in that order LOL. Give me Carolina or Tennessee, and let’s see what happens.

Happy March, friends. Good luck to us.

NIL Bracket Challenge!

I’ve said this before, but NIL is the most important thing for KU fans to support right now. So, let’s do what KU fans do best and support the Jayhawks. We’ve already raised $1,250 for Kansas. I think we can get this close to $10,000.

This is a $25 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge to support NIL efforts at KU. 100% of the proceeds will go to NIL.

Prizes Include:

How to Enter:

  1. Click the link below to enter 👇

    (It’s not ideal, but LeagueSafe is the best option I’ve found.)

  2. Once you pay, LeagueSafe will email you a link to the ESPN bracket and its password. Reply to this email or write [email protected] if there are any issues.

  3. Join the ESPN bracket group! It’s that easy. You can make up to 25 entries (for $25 each)!

I’m challenging our KU community to share this with their friends, family, and KU group chats. We can make a measurable difference for KU together… but it’s going to require your help. Let’s spread the word to as many people as possible!

Thank you. Rock Chalk. And happy March!

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🏀 Check out the NCAA Tournament Bracket Matrix for a comprehensive look at all of the bracket predictions across the country.

🏀 Former Jayhawk Jerod Haase gave a post-game press conference after being fired from Stanford that is a must watch. It’s all class from Haase.

🏀 The Could Be Wrong Podcast is going to deliver this week. We’re planning on bringing in special guest Darnell Jackson to break down what KU needs to do to make a run — and much, much more.

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